David & Nadia

Located in Swartland, in the region of Western Cape Province in South Africa, David & Nadia is a family-run winery estate on the Paardebosh Farm with a focus on different soil types and mainly bush vineyards with as little intervention in the cellar as possible.

They are considered some of the most exciting winemakers on the Swartland wine scene.

David & Nadia’s winemaking history is short and sweet as yet. Graduated in Viticulture and Oenology and Soil Science and Viticulture respectively, David and Nadia’s dream came true as they joined heart, mind and forces in marriage. Fulfilling their mutual passion for wine, along with their wedding, there came the first vintage in 2010.

David quit his job in 2013 to dedicate himself to winemaking alone, followed by Nadia in 2016.

David & Nadia are devoted to 3 different projects, namely the David & Nadia range, the Topography range and the Single vineyards range. The first range consists of the sole grapes from Swartland, translating into a highly representative ID of the area’s soils, vineyards and people. The second range incorporates grapes from the headquarters, Siebritskloof of the Paardeberg, while the third one currently encompasses two single-vineyard Chenin blancs.

The unfolding of David and Nadia’s tale is all yet to be seen, experienced and savoured, not without a sense of excitement stemming from the solid success their wines have achieved so far through the couple’s endeavour.

The 2016 vintage represents the very first one after setting up their business on the slopes of the Paardeberg.

Despite their recent origins, the year 2017 saw an overall production of almost 50,000 bottles across 9 different wines, comprising of Aristargos, Chenin Blanc, Skaliekop, Pinotage, Semillon and Grenache, with Aristargos accounting for 29% of the total, resulting in 12,030 bottles released.

According to David himself, the average yields in 2018 on their dry-farmed vineyards were barely 10 hectolitre per hectar, roughly a quarter of the average for fine French wine.

Their thoughtful approach to viticulture translates into attentive work that nurtures dry-land old bush vines to produce wines brimming with fruit, defined by silken textures as well as a quintessential South African essence.

Different soil types, mountain terrain, bush vines combined with minimal intervention in the cellar is the recipe for success imbuing David & Nadia’s range of wines. Their wine range from Chenin Blanc, Aristargos, Grenache to Elpidios and they all come from the Swartland area as an excellent expression of its terroir.

A second set comprises the so called Topography range, encompassing only grapes used from the Siebritskloof of the Paardeberg including varieties such as Pinotage and Sémillon.

A third range, known as Single vineyards range, comprises two single-vineyard Chenin Blancs producing wines such as Skaliekop and Hoë-Steen.

Varieties like Grenache are the result of two Swartland vineyards, one organically certified and presenting rich clay soils, the other sustainably farmed in the granitic terrain of the Paardeberg. Defined by long maturation on the skins, they are up to 50% whole bunch fermented – with ‘whole bunch fermentation’ referring to no intervention of machine harvesters leaving berries and stems intact. At least 30 to 50% of whole bunches are left on the bottom of an open tank after sorting, followed by the remaining sorted and destemmed yet not crushed grapes, which create an uppermost layer on top of the whole bunches laying on the bottom. Spontaneous fermentation then naturally takes place in the tank, with maximum extended skin contact, adding up to around 4 weeks in total.

Grapes are then delicately pressed and drained to old French oak barrels for malolactic fermentation – to soften the acidity of the wine – and natural ageing.

David and Nadia’s wide selection provides wines with different characteristics according to which grape variety is employed in the making.

The wines signature features range from complex and structured to delicate, sophisticated and aromatic. Their common traits encompass lifted fruit, tense yet silken textures and an unrivalled sense of place.

Grenache has often been compared to a Swartland Pinot Noir due to its powerful yet feminine structure.

For you, The Beauty & The Taste has selected a 2015 David & Nadia Pinotage.