2015 Man O’ War Dreadnought Syrah



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  • Syrah / Shiraz
  • New Zealand
  • 90 / 100 Critic Rating
  • Wine name: Man O’ War Dreadnought Syrah
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Producer: Man O' War

The 2015 Man O’ War Dreadnought Syrah is a New Zeland wine made from the grape Syrah. Dreadnought is widely renown to be the flagship wine of Man O’ War, a vineyard founded in the 1980s on the beautiful Waiheke Island by the Spencer family: the aim of the winery is to create wines that reflect that beauty of the landscape, giving them a real sense of place for the drinkers to enjoy.

This specific vintage displays a peculiar profile, highlighting notes of red fruit, black pepper and game, alongside a relatively strong alcohol gradation, 15% ABV. Game is indeed one of our suggestions in terms of food pairing, however we also see this wine as a good combination for lamb and beef, either that being a tender fillet steak or a juicy burger. Among others, impressing business contacts offers our clients a valid excuse to pick the 2015 Man O’ War Dreadnought Syrah.

Also, we are not going to lie about the fact that we are huge fans of the design of the bottle itself, with the elegant golden font on a total black background that fades in with the dark glass of the body. The cherry on the cake is the map on the label, a subtle watermark winking at the history of Waiheke Island and at the legend of Captain Cook, choosing the indigenous trees of the island to build its massive battleship Man O’ War.

  • Colour: Red
  • Style: Still
  • Grape: Syrah / Shiraz
  • Aromas & Flavours: Black pepper, Game, Red fruit
  • Food pairing: Beef burger, Beef steak, Game, Lamb
  • Occasion: A cold winter's night, Impressing business contacts, Smart dinner party
  • Critic Score: 90 / 100
  • Critic: Average Score

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