Domaine Pascal Jolivet

Domaine Pascal Jolivet in the Loire Valley in France, which was founded in 1987 by the Jolivet family, has a rich history of wine making.

Their attention to detail and talent for producing wine has led to worldwide success and distinction in the wine world.

The Jolivet family’s history in wine production dates back to 1926, when Louis Jolivet and his son Lucien established the Jolivet and Son company. Louis and Lucien, both former cellar masters at Chateau de Tracy, founded their new enterprise as wine merchants in order to sell wines across the Sancerre region.

Following Louis and Lucien’s success, Lucien’s son Jacques started his own wine distribution company, Les Grands Vins du Val de Loire, in 1982. Jacques encouraged his son Pascal to find work as a sales agent at the Maison Pommery, which he did successfully. In the same year, Jacques handed over control of his distribution company to Pascal.

In 1986, a friend of Pascal’s, the three-star chef Gerard Boyer of les Crayeres, encouraged Pascal to follow his passion for wine distribution and production and found his own wine production company. Pascal followed his friend’s advice, and a year later, the Domaine Pascal Jolivet was born.

In 1990, Pascal built a whole new winery in order to facilitate the growth of his new business, however, he still did not own any vines of his own. His father Jacques encouraged him to purchase a six-hectare vineyard in Sancerre from a cousin in 1993, and with that, Domaine Pascal Jolivet was truly on its way.

Pascal acquired his first vineyard in Pouilly Fume in 1995, and in 2000, he had a new wine cellar built to help encourage efficiency in harvesting the grapes.

Domaine Pascal Jolivet continues to expand, and in 2016, they partnered with the Dauny family. The Dauny family is known as pioneers of organic viticulture, and today they oversee 50 hectares of the Jolivet family’s vines, helping them to become organic producers in their own right.

Since founding his own vineyard, Pascal Jolivet has truly found his own style of wine making and has become known for being an ambitious producer whose goal is to refocus the Loire Valley as the true home of Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Although Pascal Jolivet’s vineyards started out small, he now owns around 95 hectares of vines across Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, as well as an additional 50 hectares in Touraine. 42 hectares are located in Sancerre, eight hectares in Pouilly Fume, and 15 hectares in Touraine.

57% of the wines produced by Domaine Pascal Jolivet are from Sancerre, 32% from Pouilly Fume, and another 11% are IGP Val de Loire.

90% of the wines produced are from Sauvignon grapes, and 10% are Pinot Noir.

Domaine Pascal Jolivet is a practitioner of biodynamic vinification, which means that the vineyard is viewed as one cohesive whole, is organic, and practices environmentally friendly techniques throughout the whole winemaking process.

The grapes are typically harvested by hand and vinified separately, allowing the differing terroirs to come through in the final product. Jolivet’s wines are fermented in stainless steel tanks with wild yeasts. Following this, the wines mature on lees. The fermentation process at Domaine Pascal Jolivet is quite slow, but this process encourages stability and sustainability in the wines while utilising low levels of sulphur.

Jolivet’s chief winemaker, Valentina Buoso, shares Pascal’s philosophy when it comes to wine production and therefore aims to enhance the character of the wines through these processes. Buoso’s first vintage at Domain Pascal Jolivet was in 2013, and since then has produced pure, subtle wines, earning praise the world over for her efforts.

Domain Pascal Jolivet’s holdings are spread across Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, so the wines produced are a blend of different terroirs in the Loire Valley. This helps to produce fruity, linear wines with minerality.

Jolivet’s signature range, the Sancerre-Pouilly Fume white wines, is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc. Light, dry, acidic, and with flavours of fresh lemon and lime, their signature range is among the most highly rated Pouilly Fume wines.

From this producer, we selected for you the 2016 Pascal Jolivet Pouilly Fume Indigene.