2013 Clos des Fous ‘Tocao’ Granito Paleozoico

The 2013 Clos des Fous ‘Tocao’ Granito Paleozoico is a red wine made from Carignan and Malbec. “Clos des Fous” is a ground-breaking project: literally translating to “vineyard of fools”, the four partners running the estate don’t make any mystery about the fact they want to change the perspective about Chilean wines.



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  • Carignan,
  • Malbec
  • Chile
  • 93 / 100 Critic Rating
  • Wine name: Clos des Fous ‘Tocao’ Granito Paleozoico
  • Vintage: 2013

The 2013 Clos des Fous ‘Tocao’ Granito Paleozoico is a wine from Chilean ground-breaking project. The estate name, “Clos des Fous”, literally translates to “vineyard of fools” and the four partners don’t make any mystery about the fact they want to change the perspective about wines from Chile, nor they’re willing to apologise about it.

This 2013 Clos des Fous ‘Tocao’ Granito Paleozoico is a blend of Malbec and Carignan, displaying notes of dark fruit, smoke and meat. We welcome disruptive approach from winemakers and we honour it suggesting this bottle to be paired with either pizza or a juicy beef burger. Hard cheese is also an option, if you prefer being a little more conventional.

Not only the wine is a pleasure from a taste perspective, but also the bottle itself is a bold, yet elegant example of beauty. We love the contrast between the bright white in the label and the film around the neck, and the dark glass of the body: one of our favourites bottles to shoot, let alone to drink.

  • Colour: Red
  • Style: Still
  • Grape: Carignan, Malbec
  • Aromas & Flavours: Dark fruit, Meat, Smoke
  • Food Pairing: Beef burger, Hard cheese, Pizza
  • Occasion: Relaxed dinner party, Relaxed Friday night
  • Critic Score: 93 / 100
  • Critic: Average Score

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